Custom Breast Forms


After your mastectomy, ContourMed breast forms help you feel like yourself again — confident and comfortable. Our custom-fitted, lightweight breast forms free you to return to the activities you love. They are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit despite healing patterns and surgical depth. ContourMed's lightness and accurate fit mean less back and shoulder pain. The custom can be worn with any bra and is not limited to pocketed mastectomy bras!

After your incision has healed, a 3D laser scan of your chest and personal consultation takes about 45 minutes. You don't feel a thing. The waterproof breast form material is tactile, soft, moves with your body and wicks away moisture. It can be attached with an adhesive disc and magnet to your chest wall for extra security.


custom forms

Did You Know?

While the custom form is not covered by all insurance companies, if it is covered by yours,
we'll calculate any out-of-pocket expenses up front, and even file the claim for you.

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